Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Glossybox July 2017 review

It's been a while since I've subscribed to a beauty box but in the run up to the summer holidays I needed some minis to add to my travel bag.

Firstly, how cute is this box?! I haven't thought of how to re-use it yet but maybe keep my fake tan's inside? Seems fitting.. summer.. tan...perfect

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If you don't want a peek at what's inside look away now.

Beauty box, glossybox,  glossybox july, glossybox uk, Glossybox july 2017

So inside is...

Papanga hair bobbles - 3 bobbles just like the invisabobbles. I'm happy with this, even though I have invisabobbles they're well used, especially when I go to the gym or for a swim, so these can just add to my collection. I like that there's 3 different colours too.

MonuSpa after sun - Shame it's over the 100ml limit but bonus the size is decent, so getting your moneys worth. I haven't tried this yet but it smells nice enough.

Spectrum fan brush - Pretty cute right? It's soft and fluffy, for me just like any other brush but a cute design.

Macaroon lip balm - This was a bit disappointing, it feels like a toy. I'm probably going to gift this, not my cup of tea.

Banana setting powder - I've heard a lot of good things about this, it is very yellow.. I'm very pale.. so I feel like I'll just look like a Simpson if I use this. BUT I shall give it a try before I write it off.

All in all I was pleased with this box, I'd give it a 7/10 could be better, could be worse. The August Glossybox theme is 'Girls just wanna have sun' if you want to subscribe use this link for £5 off your first box http://referme.to/e6O10wo  (I also get a free box if you join but this post isn't sponsored/affiliated)

Do you subscribe to a beauty box? If so let me know what you think of them. Or if you have a discount/referral code to another beauty box pop it below, I may give another a try.


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Friday, 23 June 2017

Products that miss the mark

I always share my favourite products and things I love but never talk about products that just aren't worth it. So I thought for a change I'd share products that just miss the mark in my opinion.

Makeup Revolution Palette
This I really really wanted to love and the colours come out lovely on your fingers but when it comes to using a brush and transferring to the eyelid... the letdown.. it's just not as pigmented as it should be and when on the lids most of the shades look identical on the eye. Just really let down by this palette. It looks lovely, the packaging but that's about as good as it gets. I was also let down by the size of the shadows, maybe I was expecting too much but when I opened it I was shocked at how small the little circles actually are.

Makeup Revolution blush palette
This one I had high hopes for, it's so cheap and I LOVE the contor palette they do! BUT every shade includes a shimmer which means you have shimmery cheeks and not in a 'glow' sense.. just shimmery blush like something out of the 90's.. not in a good way :(

Garnier Eye Roll 
I use this one everyday, it is nice and cooling but in terms of making any difference to under the eyes, nothing. You can't tell if I use it one day or don't use it the next, it doesn't de-puff or lessen the dark circles, just no difference at all. Such a shame, it sounded so good but it just doesn't do a thing other than feel nice and cool.

Benefits Porefessional
This one I actually gave up on my full size one and gave it away, I SO wanted to love it, everyone seems to love it but for me it just doesn't work. It leaves my skin feeling weird and not in a good way, my pores look identical to without using it, I see no difference.

Maybelline Lash Sensational
I've heard nothing but good about this mascara, people claiming it's better than false lashes. I have so many mascaras but never one to miss out on a good one I got it... better than lashes? No. Better than my other mascaras? No. This for me was really disappointing, the more you apply the clumpier it gets. So when you're trying to lengthen and separate you run the risk in entering clump-zone and having to take it all off again. For me I really wouldn't recommend it, at all. I actually gave it away.

What hype products have you come across that just don't live up to expectations?


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Friday, 26 May 2017

Exams are officially over

This academic year is officially over!! It's been a tough one, good but tough. My post-exam spa day is ready for me! (I earned it) The hairdressers is booked too!

I can finally put the books down, text everyone back and enjoy the summer ready for my final year ahh! (I secretly don't want it to end)

I am thinking to ease the load next year and start reading through the summer in advance. BUT I do intend to fully enjoy the non-deadline looming summer, maybe go on a trip away for a little bit, see my friends (remind them what I look like), go to the gym more too, up my weight loss, maybe a nice bike ride in the sun.

What summer plans do you have?


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Monday, 10 April 2017

Prosecco Flow evening at Ufit Cardiff

A short while back now, I was invited to the prosecco flow evening at UFit, an evening promising to reward and relax us hard working ladies. Yoga, Nandos, massages, a braid bar, a nail bar and cocktails! I mean who could refuse that right?

My first port of call was the cocktail bar.. of course

Then on to yoga... needless to say the class was full, full. full! Which made it a bit difficult to move at some points with fear of kicking the lady infront/behind you but it surprisingly made things a lot more relaxed everyone was giggling and just in lovely spirits.

Then I had a lovely thai yoga massage by Stretchy Suzies and it was AMAZING!! Instead of your usual massage it's a mix between being stretched and massaged at the same time so when it's done your whole body feels new again, it's so surprisingly good. I've had my fair share of massages all around Cardiff including the 5 star St Davids Spa but this massage was just something else! It was truly just amazing! 

I also then had a head massage and then onto some glitter face paints

Then realised the food bar was open! Sadly all that was left was chicken and rice but who really minds skipping the salad right?

Then a little visit to the braid bar and sadly home for me to finish an assignment while the other ladies took a coach to town to go have some cocktails :'-(

All in all an amazing night! It was so nice to treat yourself to new hair, some chicken, yoga, cocktails and massages I only wish I had more time to get my nails and brows done. There was even a brow tinting bar!


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