Friday, 24 February 2017

My Slimming World Journey

Last year I joined Slimming world. I've previously, tried Weight Watchers (where I gained weight...) but after a while of losing my mojo I took the plunge.

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My first class
I'll admit walking into a room full of strangers and the unknown is scary. But when you walk in they just know your a newbie and straight away you're greeted and told where to go and what to do. Which is great! Saves the awkward having to find someone and ask.

My first week
I lost 4lbs! I was amazed! How can I eat pasta and potatoe wedges and lose 4lbs in one week! ONE WEEK. So on this high I continued.

The bump in the road.
I took 2-3 weeks off over Christmas last year and that's where it slowed down. When I went back I'd gained, lost my mojo and kept having half or no loss which is really disheartening.

Turning point
I was bouncing around a few classes trying to find the one for me as my shifts changed. But then I sent a message to my old group leader explaining my loss of mojo since leaving her group and she said to come along late to her class and I could weigh at the end. Brilliant! That group for me is so motivating and helpful, really really supportive and just works for me best.

Slimming world, loosing weight, losing weight, slimming, lifestyle, weight loss, fitness, happy, motivated, goals,
Slimming world, loosing weight, losing weight, slimming, lifestyle, weight loss, fitness, happy, motivated, goals,

Where am I now?
Granted, I'm a little naughty. I like a few treats so I don't have the big losses anymore but I'm happy with losing every week even when it's a small loss it's all adding up. Now I've lost 1st 11lbs in total and yes, still eat a lot of pasta. I was nominated for woman of the year which was really nice. Now I'm hoping to get to 2 stone really soon.

Slimming world, loosing weight, losing weight, slimming, lifestyle, weight loss, fitness, happy, motivated, goals,
Where next?
I'm not done. I do want to crank it up now that I've lost that much and dropping jean sizes (which feels like weekly), I'd like to up my gym-game more. I found a new snazzy gym which I love so would like to get my fitness up and really hit my targets.

My little remember me advice
Every week is a new week. No matter how naughty or bad you were last week you have a clean slate to work harder and get a good loss for the following week. And it's only 7 days! Instead of restricting yourself like crazy, I normally say to myself, if I have a good loss I'll have this (pizza) but by the time weigh day comes, I don't really want that pizza anymore or to undo my work.

Have you tried Slimming World? If so share some tips!


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Friday, 10 February 2017

Sleek Matte Me lip creams

Since all the matte lip colours came about I've been working my way through quite a few, buttt I found these I just had to share!

I actually started with one, but now have three...

They're pretty cheap too, only £4.99!! (with the second one half price at the moment) - here

They are quite drying but so many are! The thing I love about these is that yes they're drying BUT has super super staying power, so if you need to lick your lips - it stays, eat, drink - stays, I sometimes add some lip Carmex on top to keep them moisturised without the wet/gloss look, I find Carmex to be more matte than other lip balms.

I find these last me soooo long, it's more like a lip stain, I go hours in uni/work and forget it's on until I pass a mirror. They don't smudge or budge! I love love love them! And the colours are so spot on!

Have you tried them? Or other matte lip creams/lipsticks that you love?


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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017 Goals

I'm not one for resolutions. I'm a bit of a non-believer in resolutions. But this year I did want to take the time to write down some goals, so I can see them in writing and stay focused to achieve and cross them off. 

I set mine out in categories. Life, work/uni and blog. Their nothing major just things I want to do. 

If your looking for ideas to add to your list here's a few of mine. 

Save £1,000 (contingency fund) 
Clear out 1/4 of my clothes (less is more)
Get down to a size 12 (at the moment I'm in a 14/16)
Take a trip (UK or abroad)

To get a first (This is a pretty big goal but I'm working hard for it)
To secure an internship

Run a giveaway 
Reach 200 followers (I have 108 at the moment, but if I work hard I'm sure I can do it)

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Do you have set resolutions or goals for 2017?


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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas clear out

Christmas is almost here!

So I've been getting ready for a while now, we all know we'll be bringing home a few presents. So in the run up to Christmas I've been working on using up products and getting rid of anything I don't need anymore. Just making some space feels so good!

My tips! 

  • Work category by category. Get everything out from the one category, so you can see how much you have.
  • Aim to fill a bag/box, start small then build up otherwise it'll feel like you'll never fill it. I used to fill empty Glossyboxes with products/things I didn't want anymore, now l've moved on to bigger boxes. 
  • Good quality/brands pop on Ebay, may as well get some money for your efforts.
  • Bath bombs/smellies you know your saving for a special occasion? You can get more. Use them. Shockingly, I had built quite the collection but I feel so happy I'm now down to less than half that and almost out. 
  • Use one shower gel/shampoo/conditioner until it's all gone. Then move on to the next. I pop all my shower gels in a draw, sample size ones too, even the ones from perfume box sets so I actually can pick one out and focus on just that until it's all gone. 
  • Face wash, if you have more than one get using! (one at a time). If you don't want to use it, get it out. I'm saving my favourite till last, so I can just replace that one when I'm all out.
  • I've also picked out one mascara, liner, 2 half empty perfumes and 5 nail polishes to use until their all gone before I use others.
  • Once you've decided to let go of something, unless your popping it on Ebay, get it out (outside, out of the house just out, gone)
  • And DON'T buy more! Use what you have first

Here's my overwhelmingly big handbag collection

These are the ones that left. Not a lot from what I have, but it's a start.

The hardest part 
Is the clothes!! I admit I still haven't got rid of half as many as I should have. I filled 2 big green bags. It never seems to make much of a dent in the wardrobe. Luckily I know I won't get any clothes this Christmas, so the wardrobe is a work in progress for me.

Do you have a pre-Christmas clear out?


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