Thursday, 19 April 2018

How to survive exam season

Exam season is here! Yesss the season all us students dread. BUT with the right method we'll make it through juust fine. Here's some tips and tricks that are getting me through. (Sharing is caring)

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Make a plan
If like me you have more than one topic it can all feel a little overwhelming having 5/6 topics I was getting in a muddle trying to revise all of them and neglecting some topics or spending too many days on the other. So set a plan each day what you'll read over, revise and then answer practise questions on.

I thought I was organised... but not enough. I had two folders with dividers for the topics but decided I just needed a fresh folder for each subject, so I'm not overwhelmed by all the paperwork inside which was getting a little messy. I feel SO much better I've added all my notebook notes to the files per topic so I just need to grab the topic folder for the day and I have everything I could possibly need.

Past papers 
Are your best friends! I'd go as far as saying 90% of my revision is based on past papers and it's helped me so much. My tactic is...
Paper 1 - look at the answers and my notes to guide me in the right direction.
Paper 2 - No answers, but with books (if needed - but when a book is used I'll write in another colour so I can see where I need to read/learn more on)
Paper 3 - Nothing and timed. (Phones in aeroplane mode!)
You should start to notice a pattern in most of the questions, which saves me so much time and I feel more prepared for the exams now.

Cut yourself a break
It's okay to not spend 5 hours studying. I've bumped into so many students studying for hours and not any further than me. The trick is to use your time wisely, I could spend hours and hours reading (like them) or I could look at past papers using my technique above and be ready to answer any similar question because I've practised the actual questions so much I know what I'm doing.

I'm not talking for days but do your questions for the day, then give yourself a break. If your feeling inspired then do some more later. It's okay to take a break. (We all get that study break guilt)

It's so easy to say not to stress but really it'll do you no good. Revise smartly and get yourself ready, practise, practise, practise and remind yourself you can do this.

Do you find anything particularly helpful getting ready for the exams? Share your tips and techniques!


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Sunday, 25 March 2018

My skin heroes

Me and my spot prone skin have tried waaaay too many products over the years to minimise and help my skin. After testing what feels like almost everything, including The Ordinary range, here's a few products that are my skin heroes.

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I've even put all my faith in these products SO much that I actually got rid of all my other false claiming let down products (pretty impressive for a semi-hoarder like me).

Firstly, this one DOES live up to the hype.... the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

Liz Earle, Skincare, skin secrets, skin, spots, acne

This leaves your skin instantly feeling fresh and in a lovely condition. I recommend for anyone to try a sample of this, after the first use, you'll see what I mean. It beats all my other cleansers hands down. It is more pricey but worth it.

Although it's not directly a spot fixer per say.. so I do rely on others for my spots and this for a cleanse.

Then there's.. the Bravura

Bravura, Salicylic acid, Skincare, skin secrets, skin, spots, acne

You're supposed to use this every other day as an exfoliator. It works deep into the pores to pull the spots and grime out of your pores and stop further spots. I do tend to forget but every now and then I like to use this, you really can see how clear your pores are straight afterwards, it's incredible!! Especially if you have a magnifying mirror, you can see the pores open and empty from the blackheads disappearing, it's freaky but good! 

And the cheapest of the bunch... Black soap!

Black soap, Skincare, skin secrets, skin, spots, acne

This little beauty is under £3... yes you heard me right. This has lasted me SOooo long and is incredible. If you're going to buy anything for your spotty skin this is the only thing! Really! It does dry your skin out (not to the flakey point but it feels dry) but ride it through. It does feel odd but you can go ahead and moisturise.

When I get a new spot I use this a few times a day and the following day the spot's gone or reduced so much you can hardly see it anyway.

Do you use/love any of the above? Or have go to skin heroes?


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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Escentuals/Benefit event

I was lucky enough to be invited to a Benefit/Escentuals blogger event last week! So, I thought I'd show you a bit of a sneak behind the scenes, what happens at a blogger event. (Before I review any of the products.)

Firstly, no need to wonder where it's located after pulling into the street to see a huge space rocket in the carpark! Certainly stood out!

We're soon taken inside the building nearby to check in. The Be At One bar were inside to provide us with delicious cocktails/mocktails

Then into the pod! Inclusive of puffy pink walls and products everywhere to play with, ultimate goals! We got to learn about the new mascara and why it's got the astro-name, which is basically because of the technology inside is so light that it's taken from aerospace materials and so won't weigh down your lashes. It also has B5 vitamins so will nourish your lashes at the same time, which I absolutely love the idea of!! 

We got to try it out for ourselves

I will do a full review seperate once I get to try it with an everyday look and see the difference fully.

After coming back down to earth, we got to explore upstairs which included a play zone... oookay a huge makeup room full of Makeup For Ever products to play with.

Truly in my element 

Then we got to explore a table full of beautiful smelling perfumes. Along with challenging each other to a little game of air hockey. 

The event was so much fun! I loved how personal it was, getting a chance to really bond with other bloggers in smaller groups, eliminating that big group uncomfortable 'I don't know you' vibe. The whole team at Escentuals were SO friendly and really mixed with everyone well and made the whole thing so, so comfortable. I'm not one to play games infront of new people (I unintentionally get super competitive) but I was comfortable enough to have some fun and play around. 

A truly great event! I can't wait to share my thoughts on the products with you all! 


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Friday, 12 January 2018

The ultimate gym comparison

I am someone who needs to be a member of a gym, I love working out (not all the time) but it's important to me. I've been a member of a LOT of gyms.. some cheap, some expensive. Here's the low down on how I found each them and how they compare.

Firstly the cheap ones..

PureGym (it was £10 - £15 a month)
This one was 24 hours and was amazing for nights when you couldn't sleep or if you work late. It's dead as you can imagine of a night time so if you're less confident it's perfect because you may well have the gym to yourself.

BUT very very busy in peak times (so busy I wouldn't go) and peak times is when the classes are so I didn't get to benefit from the classes. Also the good classes like LBT or pilates would be charged as an extra per class..

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DW (£15ish a month)
This one was lovely, the interior is all dark lighting so it feels a bit less in the spotlight if that makes sense. I liked that part a lot. It had an interactive system so if you walk 100 miles or so it will show you in comparison to something. I loved this for the cycling to see how far on tour de france I could get. The lockers were coded too, so no need for locks or a pound coin. The showers lovely and modern, couldn't ask for much more.

BUT the peak times it was quite busy and can be difficult to get a full workout in. Also because their cheap you're pretty much guaranteed to bump into familiar faces which it can put you off going. This DW didn't have/offer any gym classes..(the one I went to was a smaller DW I know the bigger ones do offer classes)

Out of both of these cheaper options I prefer DW the only let downs are the lack of classes and how busy it gets. The facilities are lovely!

The more expensive ones..

Crossfit/bootcamp (£40 for the month - 3 times a week classes)
Truly nothing compares to this one. If you REALLY want results and are willing to work hard! Very hard, then this is the one. I've thought many times about rejoining but the first session vomit always puts me off. (it's normal for the first class) The first week you can hardly move your so sore from working hard BUT it's all worth it for the results the biggest hurdle is that first class back after time off. :( The community spirit in the classes are like no other, you all struggle and not everyone does the same workout at the same time. But the struggle everyone's going through really seems to bring everyone together. There's absolutely no sense of competition or competitiveness (I hated that in school and feared it), the girls even spur each other on even if they don't know you, it's incredible and empowering!

Bannatynes £40 a month
This one I was a previous member then bounced around the cheaper gyms to save money, failed and lost mojo so rejoined. This gym is my all around winner it keeps me motivated even on bad days I can always do a different work out or swim or a low impact class. It does cost quite a bit but in my opinion is worth it. Only one class I've been to has been busy (spin) and their 'busy' is still not busy, busy because they have caps on the amount per class to make sure it's not cramped.
You also have the opportunity as many times as you want to get a free/included in the price gym plan personal to you. You sit down with a personal trainer tell them what you want, what you like and they create/make a personal workout plan for you and walk you through it, I love this because I get sooo bored without a plan and need things mixed up to push me. I've tried the whole bringing a Pinterest plan but I never stick to it. Having a personalised plan full of moves I like and a ticky box each day to say I've done it really helps (that and being able to get a new plan when I'm bored of my current one). They also list on a board in the gym workout challenges of the day so you could ditch your plan and try the challenge workout of the day.

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They also use this machine that measures each limb for fat/water/muscle so you can see how the workouts affect your body over the months.

Gym, Bannatynes, health, fitness, healthy, workout, Bannatynes review

Then there's the pool and sauna which is a big bonus when you want to move but not do a full workout. I've even used the sauna when I'm not feeling well to try and rid me of a cold.

AND the staff really make you feel like your at home every visit. I'm a regular now and they all make a point of saying hi or just that nod of acknowledgement really makes you feel comfortable.

Are you a member of a gym? High or low end? Let me know how you find them.


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