Thursday, 12 January 2012


Has anyone tried couponing? I first saw it on extreme couponing which is american and first thing i noticed is we will never be that good over here our shops are way to strict to let us do this.

But you can still save quite a lot my best save was 2 coupons for Whiskas pouches which were on offer BOGOF at Tesco resulting in FREE boxes of cat food FREE!

I've also got Comfort pure conditioner for 25p

And this week I plan to get febreeze spray for 50p each, I have a £1 coupon which you can get on facebook watch this video and print at the end and there on sale at Tesco on offer for £1.50 each, pretty decent save! 

SOOOO get saving!! It is worth it when you look how much you would have spent and how much you've saved.

Any questions feel free to ask :)


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