Thursday, 26 January 2012

HD Brows review

 I got this with my Glossy box a while ago now, At first I was disappointed but I thought I would try it and give it a chance.
The angled brush is so easy and quick to use personally I wouldn't change the brush its perfect to get the sharp edges and fill the brows in.
 I use the bottom left one I think the others aren't the right colour for me the top right one is very dark but works well as a soft eye liner.
Here's how my brows were before... 

And the result after..

As you can see there a lot more defined and look better structured. After using it a while now I think it always completes the look when I don't use it I feel like my look is unfinished and messy, It gives you a stronger look and doesn't look like you've done anything, it just looks like your brows are naturally that neat. :)


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