Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Shopping in bath

First of all bath is SUCH a pretty town!
The houses, shops are so cute! You will have to see for yourself I didn't get many pictures :( my phone needs an upgrade so bad. The shops all looked like little boutiques, and the houses so tall and neatly placed.
But here's some of what I bought

This may look like a cute alien but its a bag!! since in wales they now charge for carrier bags my mum is constantly asking if I have a bag with me in shops so I thought this was such a cute idea to keep in my bag :)

Also this cute!!!!! toothbrush holder since I realized my mum has no tooth brush protectors for traveling with I loved this idea when I found it and it has suckers on it so when your away it sticks to the bathroom walls bacteria freeeeee :)

This is only a bit of what I bought but my favorite I'll upload the rest soon for you to see.

We stopped to have the cutest cakes ever! After all the shopping In a little old fashioned cafe.


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