Saturday, 20 October 2012

What have I been doing? part1

Hi all,
So I thought I'd show you all what I've been doing, nothing like a good catch up...
So I recently made some bath bombs for charity to raise money for Cancer Research UK. I hope to make a difference and everyone likes bath bombs right?

Here's how the first few came out (I didn't have molds so I used some plastic containers but you can also use ice cube trays/anything you can find)
I used citric acid, baking soda, essential oils, food colouring and witch hazel anddd.....

The top ones were actually baby blue but my camera is bad, apologies. And the bottoms were ment to be pink but when they dried out they had little white dots on them like tye-dye, which I thought actually looked better :)

I do want to make some more with molds, So when I finally get around to it I'll show you how it goes.

And they were really quick to make! Just mix the citric acid and the baking soda then add a few drops of oil and colouring, and spritz with witch hazel until it feels like wet sand (not too wet) and squish into the mold Job done!

There really cheap to make, but I did find it difficult finding citric acid the only place I found it was in Wilkinson's and that was for £1.50 for a tiny 50ml pot. So I found it on eBay and got a ton more for £3 which is good and can probably make about 20. I also found it cheaper to get the baking soda from there too as best to buy in bulk and pay less. Essential oils can get expensive and be around £3 for a tiny amount, but I found loads in Wilkinson's for £1 each which is cheaper than eBay and everywhere else.

I am also taking advantage of free fee's on eBay this weekend I will be adding more later feel free to check them out and keep an eye for more - Here


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