Monday, 26 November 2012

Shopping haul

Everyone loves shopping! For me it's been so long watching the penny's I haven't even got anyone's presents yet. I know bad, but it's not even December knowing me I'll leave it until mid December to get them. It's also a bonus for them as if they don't like it they can still exchange/return this should be a Christmas rule I think.

I needed some retail therapy after being so good I needed to see a shop window at least! Sound's so bad but I really missed it that much! So here's what I came home with and yes for myself :)

  • I need a jumper for winter right? So I got this from Asos and it came today a lovely mint colour. 
  • I also got the bracelet from Asos and love it (only wish they had the jewels the whole way around instead of half... but its shiny and a pink/white/cream colour) 
  • The watch River Island I love it has little baby diamonds around the face of it. 
  • And finally the shoes again could be good for winter no-one wants cold toes right? And check the cute bows! I couldn't resist! And the best part you would not guess this one, there from.............*drumroll*.................Primark!!! I was super shocked I hate going in Primark the pushing and shoving ect but got dragged in to find these! You can't tell there from Primark at all! May have to cave and get dragged in a bit more often.

 (Tried to get abit more detail for you)

And here's what I found in River Island...

A cute little handbag! Look how tiny it is! I don't really understand the purpose of this it's even too small for a child if anyone get's it please let me know, but it was cute to see :)

And look at these ear muffs! So funny! I don't think I could wear these in public though there really good if you have the guts and don't take yourself to serious. They also come in black.

Though I didn't get much from town I guess I can always go again next week :) or maybe some online shopping? :)



  1. I love the colour of this jumper, and it looks so snuggly!
    I'm following you now on GFC and bloglovin', it's nice to meet some more South Wales bloggers! xx

    1. Thanks, I'm following you too :)it's nice to find bloggers who live in the area. Can't wait for the christmas meet up :) xx

    2. Same! I've nominated you for the Liebster award, check my post here :) xx

  2. Such a lovely haul! :)
    Have a little nosey at my blog if you want>
    Frankie xx

  3. I love your shoes

  4. Love those Boots, gonna have to go and have a look around Primark as well! xx

    OCBeauty Blog x

  5. those boots are gorgeous !

    xx Liyana

  6. Gorgeous bits! x


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