Sunday, 16 December 2012

Glossybox VS Beauty box

I've been thinking about changing boxes for a while but instead of taking the plunge I thought I'd overlap a month to see if it's worth doing.

Glossy box is usually pink but I like this Christmas edition in silver very nice!
Beauty box is bright blue which is nice but doesn't feel as sturdy at the glossy box so I wouldn't really think to reuse this box.

Beauty box

YaNA Kiss - Ghassoul clay mask - I think this is tiny! I love face masks but this is so so so small!
Minvita - Baobab body oil - I don't use a body oil and this doesn't appeal to me 
Dr Duve Anti-aging & firming eye cream - I don't like when we get any samples in sachets these normally come free in magazines or in the post so I don't really like when we get these inside a box we pay for
Dr Duve - skin boost cream - They are actually counting this as a separate item even though the previous x2 count as one? And whilst writing this I actually notice that it's missing from my box. Not good.
Technic nail varnish in Tawny port - I like this colour its nice to get a full sized one for a change from Glossybox's minis

Xmas extras 
Amie - spring clean cooling clay mask - the full sized is priced at £4.95 it would had been nicer if they put a full sized one in as its not expensive
Jing - whole leaf green tea - I actually like green tea so this is nice to try 

Glossy box

Sleek - I-Divine true (Full size RRP £7.99) I'm actually really happy with this it's nice to get something more make up focused
Milk_shake conditioning whipped cream - This doesn't really appeal to me I suffer from greasy hair so putting leave in conditioner seems the worst idea ever for me to do. I will get my sister to try this out
Rituals - Magic touch cherry blossom & rice mask 70ml £5 - I love rituals and I love the smell of this its divine! And again another full size product.
Anatomicals - What a complete and utter glosser I never fake strawberry milkshake - The name is different. Another full sized sample RRP £3.49 This is again a nice surprise to get make up inside the box I think it would tip me over the edge if I saw another perfume sample. Maybe getting themselves back on track? However this lipgloss I think I will just give away it's very cheap looking and a little sticky like a lipgloss a 14year old has.
Seche nail varnish- I'm not too fond of the colour but it will get used 

Xmas extra 
Glossybox blusher - Glossy pink - I don't really think this is an extra I think the Glossybox products tend to be a little cheap compared to the samples we get from elsewhere.

Shortly after getting the beauty box I received an email to say this was there last one and they recommend us to go over to Jolie box which doesn't appeal to me. Part of me thinks they should had stopped taking subscribers and maybe put it up on their website sooner so people knew rather than send a small email to inform us. So Beauty box is out. Glossybox it is - In honesty I would choose Glossybox anyway looking at these two side-by-side I was happier with the stuff received in Glossybox I think they were more generous with full sized stuff and I am hoping they are finally getting it right and heading more towards the make up rather than the usual perfumes and anti-ageing and moisturizers. And they even put a little leaflet in full of discount codes for items we had in previous boxes which is a really nice touch. I'm always keen on discount codes.

You can sign up to Glossybox here



  1. I was so sad that She Said Beauty decided to stop doing their beauty boxes but they did tend to do a lot of sachet type products, which is not what you want really! I've just switched to Glossy Box - great to see a comparison of them both! The Glossy Box did look better x

    1. I know it's a shame but makes sense if they kept giving sachets out though. Thanks Glossybox seems to be getting better this is one of the best boxes for a few months hopefully Glossybox will stay that way haha.


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