Monday, 10 December 2012

How many is too many?

Lately I've been thinking I need some more perfumes so I decided to see how many I actually already have  when I put them all together I found I had 10 perfumes (I have x2 Britney spears ones)

I know some people have a signature smell but I like to change it up a lot. It really depends on my mood and the day it is. I actually bought none of these, they were all presents from friends and family and the surprise one - Micheal Kors - Very Hollywood from him (being naughty last Christmas and deviating from the list I gave him to using his brain and remembering what I liked when we were shopping N'awww *brownie points*) I tend to use the same few everyday varying them but occasionally using others.

My everyday ones and favourites are Vera Wang - Princess, I love! and Micheal Kors - Very Hollywood. 

My favourites that I rarely use because I don't want them to run out (Sounds crazy when I say that) Gucci - Envy me and Benefits - Maybe baby I love both of these so much and used to wear everyday but am running very low! :(  Envy me is vertically empty all bar a dribble. But that dribble counts. 

Reminds me of summer/ Holidays/ Occasional ones are the Miss Sixy and JLO - Miami glow

Ones I don't like? - I don't keep them I actually donate them I figure no point smelling how I don't want to and they shouldn't take up space when I could get ones I do like there.

How many do you have? Is there ever too many?


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