Tuesday, 22 January 2013


My first Birchbox since they took over Joliebox and here's what I had...

Packaging - I prefer this box as it's slightly smaller saving space. The design inside I think is nicer. It also comes in a little pink bag which can be reused easily.

TAAJ creme mains delhicates hand cream - Smells very much like when you go to the doctors or when you use the bathrooms in hospitals the the soap smells cheap and like strong chemicals. But I use hand cream all the time so I guess it will get used and its better than a face moisturiser.

Teapigs tummy tonic peppermint tea leaves - Having a tea in a beautybox is abit of a let down. I'd be ok if it was green tea but anything other than normal tea or green tea and I wont drink it. I cant do flavoured tea it just seems wrong.

KMS free shape quick blow dry - I am actually excited about trying this out. I have to blow dry my hair every single time I wash it which is tedious to say the least. So I'm excited to see if this works. I have tried the lee Stafford one but I don't see any time difference. Update - I tried this today and it's amazing! My hair took only 10 mins and I have very long hair which normally takes 30 mins or more. And my hair is so fresh! It looks so healthy I love love love this! Will definatly by this.

WEI jujube age control serum - I don't think I need age control just yet... But this sample is tiny!

James & Edward Atkinsons Coloniali deep massage body cream with myrrh - Not thrilled with a tiny sachet :(

Sugar rose lip treatment - This looks really cheap the stick is really thin and bright red.. But a cheap red. Smells like sweets the coke bottles.

Overall - It's not the worst box I've received I will keep it going for another month to see what else they put in. I was going to cancel but I think 1 more month wont hurt. 



  1. It doesn't look like a bad box but not a great one either! I'd be disappointed with it as I have received some of these brands in previous boxes, with them changing over to Birchbox I'd expect new and exciting things. x

    1. Oh.. I didn't have the old boxes only 1 month before the change over. Otherwise I'd be disappointed for sure. I'm hoping for exciting things from birchbox still to come. Hopefully work harder to make a impact haha. x


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