Friday, 4 January 2013

Christmas presents

So here's the big ones.. 

With thanks to my sister for the lovely Topshop jumper I really wanted but was a bit steep at £40 I couldn't bring myself to buy. And the handbag to my mum as its perfect for me its very me :)

Here's the rest of what I received...

Some socks and gym socks, facemask's, Lady Gaga's perfume - Smells lovely, And Versace perfume love this! And a glittery top box I liked in stores not sure what to put inside though... Any ideas?



  1. Love the handbag! I really need a new one. Jel haha.

    Great blog hun I'm now following!

  2. You received some great gifts! I liked the bag :)

  3. Brilliant socks. :D Especially the ones with an owl. :) x


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