Monday, 7 January 2013

Kate by Rimmel

 I actually won this in a competition so was a nice surprise when it showed up :) I wanted to try it anyway I'm not a big fan of Kate Moss so this didn't influence me to buy one.

I got 101 which is like a natural/pale pink

And here's how it looks on pale shades not normally suit me they normally wash me out since I have dark hair and pale skin but this one actually really does and it lasted ages on my lips and looked great, didn't crack and I've found I've been wearing it pretty much as often if not more than my usual mac shades I think it finishes off my looks with a sharp/ more dramatic and noticeable look rather than a nude you wouldn't notice it has a little pop. For £5 in stores I may actually get some more maybe be a little daring with new shades.



  1. This is such a cute colour! I have this too, I love this whole collection :) Congrats on winning! xxx

    1. Thanks I may get some more after trying this one

  2. Love the colour, it looks amazing on you...

    I have followed you!


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