Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Purple rain

It was my friends birthday recently and we all went for food and drinks in TGI's on match night! yes were mad.. Here's how I did my make up I struggled to get good pictures but it looked better on the night.

I tried to get a picture for you to see I wore individual false lashes but they were so hard to tell from my lashes. I had a struggle finding them again to get them off. I used medium because the long ones looked out of place/obvious I wanted to go for the full/thicker but natural look but looking back don't look much thicker :( 

For the purple I finally used my shade from my MAC palette for the first time and I love it! - Parfait Amour 
For the inner corners - Nylon  
And outer corners - Club 
I was going to add stars n rockets but thought it was too pink for the look I wanted
What's your favourite MAC shade? Do you have a go to shade you always use?

P.S I need a good concealer :( Dam dark circles

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