Friday, 25 January 2013

What's inside my handbag

I've never really thought about what I keep in my bag. I tend to just put in there things I'll use when I'm out. So here's a peak at what's inside my handbag at the moment.

From left - Stamps - Just incase I need to post a letter. Mirror, Vaseline x2 & lipgloss, Hand cream, Hand sanitiser, Tissues with aloe Vera in (very soft for when your ill) Hello kitty pen, Purse, Deodorant, Paracetamol, Tweezers, USB, Mini perfumes to top up through the day, Lipsticks and new lipgloss and concealer.

I know I have a lot of lipstick's/glosses but surprisingly they always come in handy. I tend to get ready to go out - hair, make-up, clothes then forget the final touch of lipgloss/lipstick every time  But I never panic because I know there in my bag for pretty much every look. I thought I'd have a lot more when I tipped my bag out so I'm surprised there's not that much inside.



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    1. Thanks, It's from River island. They seem to always have good quality bags have a peak in there x


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