Saturday, 9 February 2013

Hair cut

As I said yesterday I had my hair cut after a very long time.


Bye bye long hair

I actually went to a new salon since my hair dresser moved I moved too. And its much easier to park than the last place. The decoration is very modern and the staff are lovely and helpful, loads of up to date magazines to choose from. My hair dresser knows me well enough not to get too cut happy. Honestly she is the only person I would trust with my hair I know she knows what I want and what would suit me and will do it perfectly.

I know it may not seem as dramatically different as you were expecting however I still wanted to tie it back and do different styles ect. so wanted to keep as much as I could whist getting rid of some of the length. I had some layers added and my fringe trimmed too. It feels so much better and it doesn't feel like I've lost that much, Which is good.



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