Friday, 8 February 2013

Payday Wishlist

Payday for me is one week away wooooo! I got a hair cut yesterday ahhh! I get super anxious when it comes to hair cuts I get that bad feeling like when you are going to the dentist. I really hope I'm not the only one.. though I think I am. I don't trust anyone with my hair and now that its long I get so scared they will cut it shorter than I like it. I shall show you tomorrow :)

So back on topic. With payday one week away of course I had to have a peak in case there's anything I want to buy :)

Being that I love bargain's of course I had to find some. So the jeans from Motel on sale! But are they too daring? The dresses Ebay under £10! But I haven't bought clothes from Ebay before has anyone else? any tips? The T-shirts all new look. 

Also I wanted some galaxy nails so I asked my sister to do me some (as I cant keep still long enough to do them onto) So had them done onto some false nails so I can try to re-use them and here's how they came out. 

She did them for me for £10 and puts them in these little cute bags. Cute right? If you want some let me know and she can post them too. :) 


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