Friday, 1 March 2013

A peak inside my wardrobe part 2

Here's the middle section and where I keep most of my stuff.

Here's where I keep my handbags and a box full of cotton threads. 

 And the best part where I keep my make up. It looks a little bit of a mess at the moment but I keep everything beauty related here. All my palettes are in the middle, my hair clips, make up brushes, hairspray & perfumes. 

And this draw which I thought was pretty organized at the back I have the spray tans and lotions ect. 
Then the little tub of my face make up - foundations, primer, moisturizer. 
Then my eye shadow on the left and another pot full. Then my blushers. Lipsticks in a pot and my mascara's I have a lot they fit perfectly in this though. I thought this was organised but looking at it in pictures I feel like it's a mess.

This draw I have some bigger make up palettes. My jewellery and some make up bags in case I go away.

This draw is a mess and I know it... It's where I keep all my boxes and packaging from glossy/ birch boxes so I can re-use them and put stuff in for storage or for eBay packaging. Along with some items I recently got which haven't found a home yet. This could do with a lot more organisation.

This draw is where I keep all my face masks and facial cleansers. Along with my purses and a bag of hair accessories.

And my final draw is all my curlers, rollers and straighteners. And yes believe it or not I do use them all frequently. Although it looks messy all the wires are neatly folded to stop them tangling I have a tiny bit of OCD about that.. So I can pick any up now without any knots or mess.

Let me know if you have any organising tips or would like to see these again when I organise them. A before and after shot?



  1. Hi, I love your blog!!

    My kinda girl, fitting all your essentials into draws. You keep everything very neat though! Good use of space!

    Great post!

    Stop by my blog soon and come say hi!

    p.s - I'm following your blog!


    1. Thank you! This made my day haha I didn't think it was neat after the photo's. Thanks though nice to know someone think's it's tidy :)


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