Thursday, 14 March 2013

Benefit Fake Up Review

I am very excited to be showing you all this! It's not out until 30th March but keep your eyes peeled it's a must if you have dark circles. It comes in 3 shades and can be used for contouring too! I love things that have more than one purpose it makes you really feel like you've got your money worth.

 I love the packaging, it even feels expensive not like the usual cheap plastic you get concealers in. I don't normally get along with stick concealers or any concealers for that matter as nothing seems to cover my dark circles. I'm sure I cant be the only one who gets frustrated that nothing seems to be working but no fear we finally have a concealer that actually does what it says it will and more.


 It has a hydrating ring around the colour too (Amazing right?) no more dry concealer sticks making your skin dry along with them, it has vitamin E and apple seed extracts which help to moisturise. Lasts up to 6 hours and doesn't crease. I know sounds too good to be true? But it's not.

 Here's my dark circles before

And after. Big difference I hope you can see from this photo to the first. I have never been able to get rid of my circles even when pinching my sisters YSL touche eclat. So this product for me is a life saver! No more panda eyes. (I may have to change my blog name... only joking)

And to make sure it works here's me 6 hours later, still with no creases or dark circles.

I love this already and I haven't had it that long. But it's going to be a huge seller so make sure you get it fast as it will definitely sell out! keep your eyes peeled for this on the 30th of march.

I have always been a long time fan of benefits products and think they always stand out from the rest and this new concealer is no different, it stands out by miles compared to other brands. The event was amazing and it was so nice to meet everyone. It was held at the Grape and Olive and the view was amazing have a look for yourselves.



  1. I've beenwanting to try their products for the longest! Lovely blog! New follower here, you can check out my blog and follow back if you wish(:


    1. Thanks, It's definitely worth a try! And you always get a make over at the counters normally :)


  2. I really suffer from dark under eye circles, thanks for posting this review up, think I'm going to have to grab myself this at the airport :)

    If you fancy stopping by to say hey I'm over at

    1. Thanks, Definitely pick one up in duty free's I've always been the same with dark circles too :( but try this I've been using it everyday

  3. Wow, amazing result. I have dark circles under my eyes and every concealer I've tried has creased. Definitely want to try this!


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