Saturday, 30 March 2013

How to add gold edges to your business cards

I recently saw a great offer for business cards with Vista Print for free! Yes free. All you had to pay was the postage which seems reasonable. Well.. looking at the designs I actually didn't like any of the free ones, so I opted to go for plain ones so I could then do something to them myself to jazz them up. So here's the first few I did, adding gold edge's :)


What you need

  •  Cardboard (To put at the top and bottom. I used an old Birchbox)
  • Metallic paint (Don't waste your money on spray which was £3/£4 when in the kids section paint is £1/£2 and works just as well)
  • Brushes
  • Water (to wash the brushes)
  • Scissors (to cut the card)
  • Something heavy to hold them tight or a clamp if your dad has one which I didn't find out till half way through doing this he decided to tell me.

Getting started

I started with a heavy item on top (a candle holder) and it worked and was going well. I needed 2 coats. I made the cardboard bigger to try and stop the paint bleeding.

Then my dad decided to share that he has this little clamp which would be perfect half way through doing this. And it was a lot easier to use as I could paint a few edges at the same time rather than waiting for each section to dry. And it held them all perfectly still. I cut the cardboard smaller than the cards as I noticed you pretty much cant stop the bleeding the top and bottom card will get smudges but the rest are fine.

The result

It actually came out better than I thought. I only did a small sample in case it looked terrible, but I'm really happy with the result. I might add something to the back as they still look a bit plain but so far so good. They come in handy when going to events and people ask for your website, this way people wont forget.

What do you think? Would you add some gold edges to yours?

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  1. Cute and simple DIY, vista are fine when your starting out but I would suggest Moo cards or getting some made on Etsy if you want something more professional next time
    Daisy Dayz

    1. Thanks, I'm going to add more to them I did look at Moo but didn't want to spend too much on them :)

  2. This a really great, creative idea!

  3. This is such a good idea for something a little special on them! x

  4. This is great. I will definitely use this for my plastic business cards. I really appreciate your awesome idea. Thanks.

  5. I really love this idea! Adding the gold edge was a nice way to dress the card up. I'm definitely going to do this for my business cards. Who says professional is boring? Thanks for sharing, Kels! :)


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