Friday, 8 March 2013

Mac Haul

Even though I'm trying to watch my money sometimes I can't help a good buy. I actually got these from eBay at a much lower price. I know you have to be careful in case they are fake but I look at previous items and I think it's safer if there not from a shop and there isn't a million other Mac shadows. For me it has to be a one off shade for me to think it's real.

Here's what I got

And here's how they look on.. (I know it's a bit dramatic I wouldn't wear them normally over the full lid it's just to show how they look. I would normally wear a mix of shades then blend)

Pink freeze - I love this shade I have already worn it so much with just black liner (Kind of a 50's look) and sometimes with dark outer corners.

Carbon - can be built up very strong and I will be using as a liner sometimes too. I think it's an essential for my collection.

Do you have any favourite shades? 


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