Saturday, 23 March 2013

RPM review

A few days back I went to RPM which is pretty much the same as a spin class. and it got me thinking what's the difference? Well at my gym the only difference is the hills where you'd stand and cycle and I realise that sounds hard but when your cycling for ages seated, when you get to stand it's a real break on your legs and I find it to be so much easier & love standing.

My tips?

- Push yourself but don't push too hard (sometime when they say to turn it up a notch I don't because my legs are hurting and I know I still have 20 mins to go)

- Go to a busy class (it means you can sink into the back and go at your own pace)

- Talk to the regulars. Especially when you go alone it's nice to meet new people and they always have the best tips

- Towel and water! You will need these

- Place the towel over the handles it softens the blow when you hold them for 45mins

- Book yourself in the class you will be less likely to cancel that way.

- Stretch afterwards! or you will feel the pain the next day. 

I love this class I don't go every week but I do love to go about every other and feel great afterwards. Definatly worth a try. The upbeat music really keeps you going and you don't realise the time fly past. I couldn't do the same workout on my own I know I would give up but in a class they really keep you going. 


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