Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Business Cards DIY part 2

As you saw on my last post I did the gold edges here.

I still wanted to add something to the back so they weren't plain and boring. I wanted something fun first I thought stripes but I thought if I paint that it would come out too heavy so I played with some ideas and came down to this one which was by blowing the paint on.. You heard me blowing it on. (Get your minds out of the gutter)

Here's how they came out (I still think maybe they're a bit too plain and am contemplating to keep adding to them but I'm not sure)

Here's how I did it

What I used
- A straw
- A glass of water (To clean the straw) 
- A tea towel (to dry the straw for a change of colour)
- Water based paints
- Newspaper

And a tip? Unlike me do NOT wear shorts whilst doing this. I ended up with colourful legs..

How to do them 
I actually started with using the glass to hold the cards down and was all going well after a while though the paint was all over the newspaper which meant if the cards moved it would get onto the front of the cards, not the look we are going for. So my best technique is to hold them with one hand on the edges that way nothing is going on the front and you can lay them to dry somewhere clean. I also as you can see above would sometimes have the paint drip but by picking them up the only place they can drip is away from the cards. My favourite way is to actually blow a bubble then pop it with the card then you get all the splatter over the back which is what I wanted.

You can keep layering with different colours as much as you like. I stopped with fear of my paint levels but may go back and cover them some more. 
Let me know what you think.. Any DIY cards you've done or techniques you want to try?


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