Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Recipe - Paleo Pork Patties

You may have seen from my instagram this week I made some paleo pork patties. I am proud to say I am currently doing a crossfit bootcamp which requires us to eat paleo food. At first I wasn't enjoying it, some of the food they suggest I dislike but now I am loving it I have found some new recipes to try and am looking forward to it. Anyway I will go into more about the crossfit bootcamp another time for now I wanted to share a recipe for paleo pork patties that they gave us. 

500g lean pork (It was cheaper for me to get 750g so I did)
2tbs of raw honey
1tsp of sea salt
2tbs of fresh parsley
1tbs of garlic
1tbs of fennel seeds
coconut oil to cook in (I didn't have this so used flora cuisine for now)

Prep time 15 mins
Cook time 10 mins

These are really quick to do and surprisingly easy. Everyone jokes with me that I can't cook (I can I choose not to) but even for me these were super easy! I even froze some so whenever I want some I can just defrost heat up and pow!

How to do it. 
Just chuck it all in a bowl as I did above. Mix with your hands then once all mixed just form little patties make sure they are small so they cook better (Smaller than a burger) again you can see above then fry them until they look done and ta-da! 

Simple right?
And they are delicious! 

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