Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Benefits new Stay Flawless 15 hour primer

Incase you are unaware Benefit are launching a new 15 hour primer calls Stay Flawless. It goes on sale tomorrow, so make sure you check it out.

£24.50* here

How cute is the packaging! I am in love with the polka dot top this looks very cute in my makeup collection.

Here you can see the colour. Don't be alarmed it comes out clear so should be suitable for all skin colours. I found it to be really moisturising but since I suffer from shiny skin it actually mattified it for me as well *Bonus!*

It even has a cute pink top so when I put it with my collection its quick and easy to find. 

So I know you're dying to know if it works? Well I loved this for me, usually my foundation lasts about 1 - 2 hours before I don't look as flawless :( but with this as my base I was actually shocked as it did last me all day. No need to top up which meant no need to carry foundation around with me; which means a lighter bag. Also it's not heavy and didn't clog my pores, it's really light on your skin.

Here's my flawless look after 9 hours of playing around in the sun, shopping and playing cars.


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