Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Cardiff Benefayre

I was recently invited to the Benefayre! I love Benefit products so how could I resist?

We were shown and given a try on all the fun stalls.. 

As you can see I loved releasing my inner child

 Everyone loving the photo booth

Until we hogged it

I had a lovely day with everyone and it was nice to meet the local bloggers again and some for the first time :) and of course the lovely Alyson and Joanne from Benefit, they always make us feel like royalty.

Left to right : Leanne, Amy, Alyson, Stacey, Me and Laura 

Here's some of the things I won.

there were more.. a Benefit umbrella and poncho

We then went on for some food together and typically ended up in all the shops. I had a great time and I think everyone who attended enjoyed themselves.

Never the less all this fun was for a reason and that didn't go unnoticed with all the girl power tunes. The reason for this Benefayre was to raise money and awareness to domestic violence. I think in one stage or another in life you see or hear of this. I think it's very taboo subject, no one wants to talk about it and I don't see why. It happens, we don't have to be afraid to talk about it. 

As women we need to support each other not to judge anyone in that position but to help and be there for eachother. A lot of people are quick to judge people in this position. Domestic violence isn't just physical, if your partner talks you down makes you change who you are for them this is all part of domestic violence. We are who we are and we shouldn't feel uncomfortable in our own skin because of someone else. It can be small and big, asking you or telling you to change what you wear or where you go or who you talk to is all domestic violence but people don't see it because it's not as big as we think domestic violence should be. Time to put them in place. Wear what you want. Go where you want. Speak and see who you want. It's your life and it's too short to be controlled. 

If you wish to donate to the people who help those who need it most please do so here it's quick and easy to do and has loads of information on how to help. 


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