Saturday, 24 August 2013

Folly Farm

As you may have seen on my twitter, this week was my Birthday.. 21... oh how it creeps upon us. I've been up to a lot and I will keep you updated :) 

Anywho heres some pictures and two little clips of the cute animals from the day I went to Folly Farm with my family.

Little chicks! 

The giraffe didn't want to come say hi 

A huge guinea pig! Only joking its a capybara but looks like a big guinea pig. Also in this photo you can see this little girl just realised she stuck her hand in bird poop. haha.

Look at this cute little hut they live in.



  1. haha love the photo where the girl has put her hand in bird poop!
    What I would give to be 21 again...

  2. I used to love Folly Farm! I seem to remember there being a hay barn that you cpould jump in? Although I might be thinking of somewhere else..! Happy birthday :)

    Liz xx

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