Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Lee Stafford - Blow dry faster spray review

I bought this when I had long hair as blow drying takes way too long about 30 minutes every time. A bit much right?

Lee Stafford - blow dry your hair faster spray £6.19 here

Does it work?
Not for me. I see no change in how long it takes to dry. Yes it protects my hair and smells nice which is good but as far as making the time shorter no change for me. I thought this might have been because my hair was so long but I have tried it since being cut, which helps shorten the time taken but there really is no change.

Everyone has different hair types, so if you do still want to try this I would suggest going to a local Home Bargains first as they always have Lee Stafford items cheaper. Best to save some money if you can.

Overall, I love the smell on Lee Stafford products it was a shame this didn't do as it says. The search to shorten my time blow drying continues..

Have you had any luck with this product or others shortening drying time?

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