Saturday, 12 October 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation review

Whilst on a completely innocent window shopping trip. I was pleasantly treated to a this and a new lipstick just to get me out of boots. I should go in there more often :). I recently had Rimmel's new cream blush in a beauty box and I really loved it so thought I would give this a try too.

Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation £5.99

What they claim "New lightweight liquid mousse texture leaves the skin shineless, yet feels weightless and cakeless. The weight is over: Finally shine has met its matte. A Feather-light, liquid mousse that blends flawlessly for natural-looking and an all day shine control Silky smooth formula for a perfectly matte, baby-soft finish. Lightweight texture won’t feel heavy or greasy. Minimises the appearance of pores"

I must warn you. There are some shocking images below. Here is my naked face before (sadly with some spots)...

And here's the magic.. After! 

Much better right? No redness left and it gives a light feeling so it's not cakey at all or heavy. It does exactly what it promises to do which I was shocked with. Normally I have slightly oily skin with some dry patches, so I was expecting the usual patch where it was too dry with flakey skin but none! It blends so well I can do it in the car in 2 minutes. This is amazing and has completely replaced everything I normally use. I have slightly become addicted, from using it all over for the special occasion to just a dab for work on my red areas and spots. I used to wear powder everyday, now? None, just this. 

Highly recommend anyone try this! 



  1. I was really impressed with this product too! I thought it was going to be really heavy but it's surprisingly light and does a great job concealing too! x

  2. Wow it looks great on you, I wonder if they have darker shades.



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