Sunday, 17 November 2013

New ELF store Cardiff

If like me your slightly addicted to makeup.. You will have heard that we are blessed to have a new ELF store in Cardiff! Wooo.. I was so excited to pay a visit to them. They are based in the Royal Arcade. 

What can I say from seeing products online but umming and ahhing if they are suitable shades, quality ect. it is so nice to be able to see products in person. They are SUPER affordable. I had to stop myself, I spend way TOO much in MAC on brushes when they are £3-£4 here and amazing quality! 

Boy was I kicking myself.

I love love love the products, they are amazing value for money.

The only negative I found was the overpowering sales assistant, it made shopping so uncomfortable being too forward and fake. Don't get me wrong I expect someone to come up to see how things are, which she wasn't.

We are talking at the tills, while in line waiting listening to "I love your top!" to the next customer "I love your hair!" to the next and so forth. So when I get there she decides to tell me and everyone else in the shop what I am buying and how good it is. Now at this stage I don't need convincing.... I am buying it. It brought the hairs on the back of my neck up. Are you talking to me or the people behind me? You don't need to shout it.

This really put me off. I shop soooo much and I am completely used to pushy sales to friendly and unfriendly staff. I prefer the genuinely friendly ones of course, but this was a whole another level of pushy and over the top. Left a sour taste in my mouth after buying so much and wanting to go back for so much more.

I like to give things another try so I will. I recommend anyone to look at products first, otherwise you may get the wrong shade. It is always nicer to see the shades. I hope this was just a sugar high day for her.


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