Thursday, 13 February 2014

KMS California hair products review

KMS California - free shape quick blow dry
I actually came across KMS by receiving a small sample with my Glossy Box and I loved it. I am always dubious of quick dry sprays as from experience they don't really make much of a difference if any. However, this I cannot get enough of so it had to be on my Christmas list. 

I recommend anyone to try this, for me at least this is a godsend. I blow-dry my hair after every wash which is so tedious! Seriously, just try it! You won't regret it! It half the time to dry it now. A product I cannot live without.

KMS Silk Sheen - styling creme
I didn't expect to like this at all, I suffer from greasy hair which is horrible! So any kind of creams for my hair that I can't wash out are a huge no no as it tends to just make it greasy a lot faster. I actually gave this a try and was pleasantly surprised. No added grease, it was actually really really clean (by which I mean dry but not straw-like dry) It was soft and even now a day later I can brush it and its just smooth and soft. Kind of like when you come out of the hair salon except I cannot be bothered to straighten it so its wavy/straight. 

KMS have a lot more products and from my experience with these two I am with no doubt a fan and will be buying and trying more!

To put it into context, I am your classic hoarder (not as bad as ones on TV) but I hate letting things go and getting rid of them if I haven't used them. And I actually got rid of a lot of (didn't wow me/okay) products (seen here) because I have found the ultimate hair products. 

Have you tried any KMS products? If so which ones and what was your verdict?


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  1. I've never heard of KMS but the products sound good! Love the sound of that styling cream- non-greasy is a huge plus in creams, most of them feel sticky and greasy and leave the hair feeling weighted down. Thanks for sharing! =D


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