Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Simply bra's

Lately all my bra's are tight. I have been looking for some nice/colourful bra's all over the place but couldn't get my size right. I was so tired of the boring colour bra's yes white and black is practical but so dull! 

Whilst shopping in M&S I tried on a few bra's and the lady offered to help size me there and then which was perfect, I can never be bothered to make time to book it in and plan ahead. And I did actually like the bra's I was trying on. 

Here they are :

Okay not as bright and colourful as I would had liked but better than the boring black and white. Navy is still a little boring but the design makes them a bit more fun. 

Hopefully you can see that M&S have nailed the quality bra's. Where all else fails and I have tried everywhere M&S never let me down, they are the perfect fit and they last such a long time the price is worth it. (these bra's set me back £50) Which I suppose is not that bad for 3... 

Where's your favourite bra shop? 


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