Friday, 4 April 2014

St David's 2 Ladies Night

So last week I was also invited to attend the annual St Davids 2 Ladies Night. For anyone who doesn't know about ladies night, firstly.. do you live under a rock? and secondly, go get some discounts! Ladies Night is full of discounts and treats for the women of Cardiff. (I'll let you off if you're not from Cardiff)

The treats? They have little popcorn stalls, candyfloss stalls, massage stalls, nail bars and trial stalls (alcohol, food) all complimentary of course. Then the stores do discounts usually 10% off or 25% off, along with gifts for example first 100 shoppers get a gift with purchase or something similar.

We were treated to some delicious drinks, I'm not a big drinker but these went down a treat so yummy! 

Then sweets! Pick an mix style of course. Our inner kids came out.

Then Leanne and me had a look around the shops, did some shopping and visited Benefits speed dating but with make up.

Here's the look I came away with.. (not all I came away with...stay tuned for that)


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