Saturday, 6 September 2014

What I've been up to

It's been a while since I posted last, sorry for the neglect. I started by taking a week off. Which was then followed by a family heartache. So at the moment there has been a lot to deal with and blogging has been at the back of my mind.

I will still update you when I have the motivation because I don't want to force it.

Here's a little peak at what I was doing before things went south.

I went to the bootsale, I normally work Sundays so can never go. I found so many great buys, my favourite was my new foam roller I was actually looking online at £10 - £15 ones, but found a new sealed one here for £1!! There was so much more here, home stuff, clothes. I really can't wait to go again and take more time, there are bargains to be had!

Cuddling up watching The Killing on Netflix, I'm enjoying this at the moment. I love Netflix.

I popped into ELF to show my friend the wonderful world of ELF and the prices, she loved it! And I found this palette for £5! It is amazing, so many shades and so many neutrals. I really like neutral colours to use everyday.

And a visit or two or four... oh who's counting. To town, I'm really enjoying this escape at the moment.

Thank you all for your patience. 


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