Saturday, 6 December 2014

Getting back to it

I've been going through a lot lately, so going to the gym and working out was the last thing on my mind. Now I'm trying to find my way again. It's a struggle at the moment because I have such little motivation, I am literally forcing myself to go.

Don't get me wrong once I'm there I do enjoy it. It's a good feeling to feel that burn and ache the next day.

I'm finding the best way to get me from ZERO motivation to actually going and enjoying it has been, new gym clothes and some new music. It makes me want to go to wear them and listen to the tunes.

The best thing when I'm being super lazy and don't want to go is to go to my instagram, I've started following some fitness models on there and it is so motivating! Mums of two with better bodies, seeing where they came from and to really shows that it can be done, it just takes work. And they show clips of their work outs which is always good to give a try.

Do you struggle getting the motivation to go? What do you do to get your motivation back?


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  1. i struggle with the first time back to the gym, after that i look forward to it! x


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