Monday, 9 February 2015

Kitchen touches

As much as I like to keep my kitchen counters clear, very very clear of everything. I've had my eye on this little basket for a while now. Having a battle over do I? Don't I? Because I didn't want to clutter my counters. I finally caved and got it and just love it!

They come in small and large and would you believe it, this is the small!! I have no idea how I'd fill a large one. This was with 2 packs of oranges.

It fits in perfectly with my cream accessories around the kitchen. (I haven't got everything cream, all the appliances are black) Just these are cream and it suits well.


I didn't mean to go down the bird route but couldn't resist. I think they are just so cute!

Do you mind objects on your kitchen counters?


  1. We have those canisters from Next and the bird salt & pepper shakers, I too accidentally went down the bird theme! I love that basket too, Wilko have gorgeous home items.
    I clutter everything, I am terrible for clutter, I like pretty things too much.

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. The birds were just to cute to leave in the shop weren't they. I am terrible for cluttering the rest of my place, my bedroom is the worst haha woops. But a little OCD about the kitchen worktops for some reason.

  2. I try and keep my kitchen counters as clear as I can. I don't have a fruit basket so would love the one you have picked.

  3. I'm a bit of a tidy worktop person too, or should I say, ideally I am, for my counter is a bit cluttered up with a large Magimix, a 2-Go smoothie, Dualit toaster etc etc! I love this basket though. I wonder if they do them in red - for Valentine's? Tx

  4. oh do love the fruit bowl , something i would like in my kitchen x

  5. Order in the kitchen is something I want to learn how to achieve .. it's a bit of a struggle for me at this time! Haha, but I love the fruit bowl - absolutely beautiful!

    Ree //


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