Thursday, 9 April 2015

What's in my handbag..

I recently picked up a new bag from Primark and it's such a good size for uni and work. So in the midst of reorganising so things don't get lost, I thought I would share what I am actually carrying around with me.

Primark £10

Here's what I have inside...

I try to keep my bag light and junk free. It's not easy! 

So, I've got some suncream (since it's finally sunny) my USB for uni, a little notebook and pen again for uni, my essentials bag (check what's inside below), a bar of coco pops - sometimes when I'm running around from uni to work I forget about food so it comes in handy to have a snack with me, my purse, some lip glosses and some tissues. 

Trying to keep clutter free and be able to find things in my bag, I am using my makeup bag to keep some essentials together neatly. I don't like to carry too much make up with me, I find the packaging gets ruined and then they look scruffy :(. And I never need to touch up my make up through the day anyway.

I have some lipsticks/glosses, a refreshing moisturiser, a little hair brush with mirror, deodorant, body spray, batiste and some spot cream (you never know when they will strike).

Whilst trying to keep it light and not carry to much these are just things that help me to freshen up when I'm on the move. 

I also have a laptop sleeve that came with the bag, sometimes when needed I'll carry my Chromebook with me or my Hudl to multitask (I mean online shop) in lectures. 

Let me know what you keep in your bags, are they a mess or do you have a system to keep things neat? Do you carry more than you need?


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