Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Top tips for selling on EBay

Whilst trying to declutter (seems an endless challenge) I have been putting a few bits on eBay, I have actually made quite a bit. Over £100 so far. 

Now that I have a little system to selling, my friends will often ask for help if they have items or want to make a little extra. So I thought I'd share a few things that I do to make it easier to sell. 

Starting to sell
  • Search for the item you want to sell first, to get an idea on price and if you click onto an already posted ad you get the option to click "Sell one yourself" this will fill the title and details so you already don't have to type as much and waste time. All you have left is a description, picture and price. 
  • Use the app! Using a PC or Laptop takes a little longer, don't waste time filling out loads of details just use the app it's quicker!
  • Take a good picture, if you have packaging put the item next to it. 
  • Make sure when you checkout that you haven't incurred a insertion fee (there's really no point in paying these, even if small amount it won't benefit your ad).
  • Post the ad on a Sunday evening, most people are home and this will give you more chance for people to do their last minute bidding when the item ends. 
  • Have all your ads end on the same day. Hopefully if the buyers pay swiftly you'll only have 1 trip to the post office. Just make sure when packaging you don't mix items up and send them to the wrong place!
The items
  • Keep them all together in an empty Glossybox/Birchbox, honestly, you will thank me later. When it sells and your trying to remember where you put it. 
  • Post second class! Never post first class. Buyers don't mind at all, there really isn't that much difference (I've had many buyers comment on how quickly they received the item) and its a little cheaper.
  • Buy bubbled envelopes from the pound shop or home bargains, you can buy a pack of 5 for £1. There's not much point in spending anything more on packaging is there.
 Do you sell on eBay/have any tips or techniques?


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