Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Let's have a clear out

Even though I have moved out, into more space I just feel like I have too much stuff. When I say stuff, it's everything clothes, shoes, makeup, hair products, kitchen objects and electrical items I just don't use.

I have always struggled with getting rid of things. I always think what if.. or this may come in handy someday. But sometimes you have to force yourself to let go or to finally use them. What's the point in having 10 unopened moisturisers if I only use one? 

It's really liberating when you finish a section and look at how much you let go. Room for more stuff!! I'm kidding..

It's easier to do a section at a time and keep going back over a section too if it needs more ruthlessness. I always need to be more ruthless. 

I even gathered all my samples, just putting them all in a pot (its an old vase) really helps. Within reach from the bath so I can use them. That "what if I go camping" inside me, lets be real, it is not difficult to get your hands on samples. So no more what if, I am just going to use and clear the space. 

Do you struggle getting rid of things? Do you have too much stuff?



  1. I'm awful for hoarding when it comes to beauty, I could do with a big clear out haha xx

    Gemma |


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