Monday, 14 December 2015

My Christmas list

This has been a tough one this year. I found it hard to remember or think of the things I wanted because there really wasn't that much. I didn't want to ask for things I won't use and that will go to waste. Especially after my efforts to have less/downsize.

So my list is pretty small. But here's what made the cut. (preserve your judgement it's a little random)

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Real Techniques beauty sponge.
Since I've misplaced my beauty blender sponge I do need a new one but not at that price, so thought I'll give this one a try.

Nivea in-shower moisturiser
I'll admit this is a bit of an odd one for a Christmas list. But hear me out, I always get smellies for Christmas and I never end up actually using them, so if someone's going to get me smellies why not one I love? It leaves my skin so smooth and soft!

This was actually luck, I came across this on Groupon and really liked it in almost every colour.. woops. Don't worry, I'm not that bad, only one is on my list.

St Tropez in shower body tan
I have a mini of this and loved it so I could do with the full size.

Chupa chups lip balm
Yes, you heard me. Lip balm! how amazing! I just NEED to try this.

Stabilo pens (£7.99)
I know, I know. Not the most exciting, but I use them all the time and need a new pack so... it's a practical gift.

Smiley mug
How cute! I just couldn't leave this off the list.

Wireless headphones
This one is an IOU since I cant find the pair I want yet.

What's on your list?


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