Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Using Aldi shampoo for a week..

After running out of my ever loved Herbal Essence I thought it was time to try something new.

I was actually watching a show before I went shopping which put the Aldi shampoo at the top of the best buys list.. Being a bit of a product snob and sticking to my faithful brands, I was pretty shocked and sceptical but I thought I'd try it for myself. What's to lose right?

My first thoughts were that it reminded me of the L'Oreal nutrigloss range. This however, was £1 a bottle!! Shocked and still skeptical,

I have quite naturally greasy hair (ugh) I know! I can usually get two days out of it, so I have to be so picky about the products I use not to add any grease or too much shine.

Here's how it made my hair look..

And, how could I resist a 'you're worth it' hair flick

My verdict
I've been trying this for 3 weeks now and I'm actually really pleasantly surprised. It didn't give me too much shine (thank god!). It's given me a really natural healthy glow to the hair. Everyone's been commenting how healthy my hair's looking. 

I'm shockingly not missing my old faithful Herbal Essence and have already converted my sister on to trying this too. I'm thinking about trying some of the others they do the same range (mimicking the L'Oreal range) with some volume, protect & repair ones ect. 

Would/have you ever given a really cheap hair range a try? 


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  1. When it comes to Aldi vs Loreal and Herbal Essence, I see no difference between them all. Loreal isn't that good a shampoo anyway as it contains sulfates which are found in many cheaper shampoos. You only really know the difference if you go into much more expensive brands such as Aveda which don't put them in. I have to use Aveda Scalp Benefits for my irritated scalp as it doesn't contain sulphates. I don't get the hype over Loreal anyway, it's not that great a brand and they can't think we honestly believe people like Cheryl Cole use that rubbish. I would stick with Aldi. x

  2. I only really notice a difference in my hair when I swap to a different type. I tend to alternate every few weeks between treseme and herbal essences and my hair tends to stay soft for longer :)

  3. I've tried an Aldi shampoo and it did the job fine and it was so cheap! I do tend to use Herbal Essences but I only buy it when it's on offer because I think it's a bit expensive otherwise. Love the hair flick haha :)

    1. Thanks hehe, I know Herbal Essence can add up pretty quick it's amazing how such cheap shampoo does exactly the same job x


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