Thursday, 8 September 2016

10 things you'll need for uni

With September here *yikes* it's full on back to uni time. I'm getting ready to go back into my second year and with some lessons from last years mistakes under my belt. So I thought I'd share the things you'll actually need for uni.

1. A notebook or two- I like to keep mine A5 size so I can pop them into my handbag easily. I usually use the A5 ones with tabs so that each tab is for a different module and then you only carry one note book around.

2. A stapler - basic I know, but you'll use a stapler SO much surprisingly
3. A laptop - Or a PC, yes they have them in uni but they're a little slow and it's just easier if you have your own full of all the things you need. Especially if you're a typer rather than a writer.
4. A USB - if you forget your laptop or need to save something in class your USB will come in handy. Always carry your USB! (and back it up on a cloud/googledrive)
5. A diary - An absolute MUST!! Academic ones mean you can fill in your timetable too. Pop deadlines in, homework, reminders just an all round MUST for staying on top of things!! After all we have enough on our minds to try and remember.

6. Coloured pens - Not necessarily for in class, carrying them around would be a pain. But for revising coloured pens make it easier - you don't want the same highlighter all over the pages so write the things you need to remember in a coloured pen.
7. Folders - Seems obvious but pop each topic into a different folder so the notes/work is easy to find when your revising.

8. Sticky notes - Another staple item, I pop sticky notes on top of my notes with questions to trigger me when I look back or if I have a query I'll pop it on a note by the work that tiggered it and ask at the end of class and also the little page tab ones for when I'm looking for information but want to come back to it.
9. Laptop sleeve/bag - If I do take my laptop to classes I normally take just a laptop bag rather than two bags, I pop my notebook inside a pen and pencil so there's less bulk to carry. If I take my small notebook a laptop sleeve is perfect for putting it inside to stop any scratches before I pop it in my handbag.
10. Travel cup - Perfect for the early morning classes, coffee or tea whichever, on the way or in class is the perfect wake up call.

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Do you have any tips you'd give to someone starting uni? What they'll need? Or in general?


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  1. I don't go to uni but I still need all of these products, haha. I LOVE stationary and have an obsession with notebooks. Great list, especially the sticky notes, they're so handy! xx

    1. Me too! When I see the stationary aisle it's dangerous haha. I love it! But you can never reeeally have too many sticky notes or notebooks right.. haha x

  2. Fab items here. A laptop bag is so needed.


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