Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas clear out

Christmas is almost here!

So I've been getting ready for a while now, we all know we'll be bringing home a few presents. So in the run up to Christmas I've been working on using up products and getting rid of anything I don't need anymore. Just making some space feels so good!

My tips! 

  • Work category by category. Get everything out from the one category, so you can see how much you have.
  • Aim to fill a bag/box, start small then build up otherwise it'll feel like you'll never fill it. I used to fill empty Glossyboxes with products/things I didn't want anymore, now l've moved on to bigger boxes. 
  • Good quality/brands pop on Ebay, may as well get some money for your efforts.
  • Bath bombs/smellies you know your saving for a special occasion? You can get more. Use them. Shockingly, I had built quite the collection but I feel so happy I'm now down to less than half that and almost out. 
  • Use one shower gel/shampoo/conditioner until it's all gone. Then move on to the next. I pop all my shower gels in a draw, sample size ones too, even the ones from perfume box sets so I actually can pick one out and focus on just that until it's all gone. 
  • Face wash, if you have more than one get using! (one at a time). If you don't want to use it, get it out. I'm saving my favourite till last, so I can just replace that one when I'm all out.
  • I've also picked out one mascara, liner, 2 half empty perfumes and 5 nail polishes to use until their all gone before I use others.
  • Once you've decided to let go of something, unless your popping it on Ebay, get it out (outside, out of the house just out, gone)
  • And DON'T buy more! Use what you have first

Here's my overwhelmingly big handbag collection

These are the ones that left. Not a lot from what I have, but it's a start.

The hardest part 
Is the clothes!! I admit I still haven't got rid of half as many as I should have. I filled 2 big green bags. It never seems to make much of a dent in the wardrobe. Luckily I know I won't get any clothes this Christmas, so the wardrobe is a work in progress for me.

Do you have a pre-Christmas clear out?


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  1. I admire you for doing this, haha! I need to do a purge of everything I own but I keep putting it off.

    1. Thanks! I was the same, I'd been putting it off for years but once you get into it, it feels so good to let things go and see spaces appear :)

  2. The hardest part has go be clearing out the makeup that I don't even use, that will continue to sit there for eternity. Just because I feel guilty having bought it but actually think it's crap!

    Maybe this will be the year I can make those changes. We shall see!



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