Wednesday, 4 January 2017

2017 Goals

I'm not one for resolutions. I'm a bit of a non-believer in resolutions. But this year I did want to take the time to write down some goals, so I can see them in writing and stay focused to achieve and cross them off. 

I set mine out in categories. Life, work/uni and blog. Their nothing major just things I want to do. 

If your looking for ideas to add to your list here's a few of mine. 

Save £1,000 (contingency fund) 
Clear out 1/4 of my clothes (less is more)
Get down to a size 12 (at the moment I'm in a 14/16)
Take a trip (UK or abroad)

To get a first (This is a pretty big goal but I'm working hard for it)
To secure an internship

Run a giveaway 
Reach 200 followers (I have 108 at the moment, but if I work hard I'm sure I can do it)

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Do you have set resolutions or goals for 2017?


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  1. You will reach 200 followers no problem, if you haven't already. From what I've seen so far you have a great blog, and others will recognise that to.

    Hope you had a lovely new year!


  2. Great blog! Saving money is my main goal this year! Im actually doing the £5 note challenge. Every time I get a £5 note I save it and wont touch it until the end of the year :) Good luck with your goals.

    Pinar xo


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