Monday, 10 April 2017

Prosecco Flow evening at Ufit Cardiff

A short while back now, I was invited to the prosecco flow evening at UFit, an evening promising to reward and relax us hard working ladies. Yoga, Nandos, massages, a braid bar, a nail bar and cocktails! I mean who could refuse that right?

My first port of call was the cocktail bar.. of course

Then on to yoga... needless to say the class was full, full. full! Which made it a bit difficult to move at some points with fear of kicking the lady infront/behind you but it surprisingly made things a lot more relaxed everyone was giggling and just in lovely spirits.

Then I had a lovely thai yoga massage by Stretchy Suzies and it was AMAZING!! Instead of your usual massage it's a mix between being stretched and massaged at the same time so when it's done your whole body feels new again, it's so surprisingly good. I've had my fair share of massages all around Cardiff including the 5 star St Davids Spa but this massage was just something else! It was truly just amazing! 

I also then had a head massage and then onto some glitter face paints

Then realised the food bar was open! Sadly all that was left was chicken and rice but who really minds skipping the salad right?

Then a little visit to the braid bar and sadly home for me to finish an assignment while the other ladies took a coach to town to go have some cocktails :'-(

All in all an amazing night! It was so nice to treat yourself to new hair, some chicken, yoga, cocktails and massages I only wish I had more time to get my nails and brows done. There was even a brow tinting bar!


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  1. This looks like a great event and you had fun too

  2. Sounds like fun. I do love a Thai massage, always feel wonderful afterwards!


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