Friday, 12 January 2018

The ultimate gym comparison

I am someone who needs to be a member of a gym, I love working out (not all the time) but it's important to me. I've been a member of a LOT of gyms.. some cheap, some expensive. Here's the low down on how I found each them and how they compare.

Firstly the cheap ones..

PureGym (it was £10 - £15 a month)
This one was 24 hours and was amazing for nights when you couldn't sleep or if you work late. It's dead as you can imagine of a night time so if you're less confident it's perfect because you may well have the gym to yourself.

BUT very very busy in peak times (so busy I wouldn't go) and peak times is when the classes are so I didn't get to benefit from the classes. Also the good classes like LBT or pilates would be charged as an extra per class..

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DW (£15ish a month)
This one was lovely, the interior is all dark lighting so it feels a bit less in the spotlight if that makes sense. I liked that part a lot. It had an interactive system so if you walk 100 miles or so it will show you in comparison to something. I loved this for the cycling to see how far on tour de france I could get. The lockers were coded too, so no need for locks or a pound coin. The showers lovely and modern, couldn't ask for much more.

BUT the peak times it was quite busy and can be difficult to get a full workout in. Also because their cheap you're pretty much guaranteed to bump into familiar faces which it can put you off going. This DW didn't have/offer any gym classes..(the one I went to was a smaller DW I know the bigger ones do offer classes)

Out of both of these cheaper options I prefer DW the only let downs are the lack of classes and how busy it gets. The facilities are lovely!

The more expensive ones..

Crossfit/bootcamp (£40 for the month - 3 times a week classes)
Truly nothing compares to this one. If you REALLY want results and are willing to work hard! Very hard, then this is the one. I've thought many times about rejoining but the first session vomit always puts me off. (it's normal for the first class) The first week you can hardly move your so sore from working hard BUT it's all worth it for the results the biggest hurdle is that first class back after time off. :( The community spirit in the classes are like no other, you all struggle and not everyone does the same workout at the same time. But the struggle everyone's going through really seems to bring everyone together. There's absolutely no sense of competition or competitiveness (I hated that in school and feared it), the girls even spur each other on even if they don't know you, it's incredible and empowering!

Bannatynes £40 a month
This one I was a previous member then bounced around the cheaper gyms to save money, failed and lost mojo so rejoined. This gym is my all around winner it keeps me motivated even on bad days I can always do a different work out or swim or a low impact class. It does cost quite a bit but in my opinion is worth it. Only one class I've been to has been busy (spin) and their 'busy' is still not busy, busy because they have caps on the amount per class to make sure it's not cramped.
You also have the opportunity as many times as you want to get a free/included in the price gym plan personal to you. You sit down with a personal trainer tell them what you want, what you like and they create/make a personal workout plan for you and walk you through it, I love this because I get sooo bored without a plan and need things mixed up to push me. I've tried the whole bringing a Pinterest plan but I never stick to it. Having a personalised plan full of moves I like and a ticky box each day to say I've done it really helps (that and being able to get a new plan when I'm bored of my current one). They also list on a board in the gym workout challenges of the day so you could ditch your plan and try the challenge workout of the day.

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They also use this machine that measures each limb for fat/water/muscle so you can see how the workouts affect your body over the months.

Gym, Bannatynes, health, fitness, healthy, workout, Bannatynes review

Then there's the pool and sauna which is a big bonus when you want to move but not do a full workout. I've even used the sauna when I'm not feeling well to try and rid me of a cold.

AND the staff really make you feel like your at home every visit. I'm a regular now and they all make a point of saying hi or just that nod of acknowledgement really makes you feel comfortable.

Are you a member of a gym? High or low end? Let me know how you find them.


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  1. Pure gym is the favourite gym i've used.
    LBT is free in the classes at the Cardiff City Centre gym. I would highly recommend.

    I tried Bannatynes a few times as the boyfriends a member but for the price I couldn't do it. I found the sauna was always busy and the hot tubs to!

    Thanks for sharing though :) It's nice to see a variety of brands included for once.

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