Sunday, 25 March 2018

My skin heroes

Me and my spot prone skin have tried waaaay too many products over the years to minimise and help my skin. After testing what feels like almost everything, including The Ordinary range, here's a few products that are my skin heroes.

Black soap, Skincare, skin secrets, skin, spots, acne, Liz Earle, Hot cloth, Salicylic acid, Bravura

I've even put all my faith in these products SO much that I actually got rid of all my other false claiming let down products (pretty impressive for a semi-hoarder like me).

Firstly, this one DOES live up to the hype.... the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser

Liz Earle, Skincare, skin secrets, skin, spots, acne

This leaves your skin instantly feeling fresh and in a lovely condition. I recommend for anyone to try a sample of this, after the first use, you'll see what I mean. It beats all my other cleansers hands down. It is more pricey but worth it.

Although it's not directly a spot fixer per say.. so I do rely on others for my spots and this for a cleanse.

Then there's.. the Bravura

Bravura, Salicylic acid, Skincare, skin secrets, skin, spots, acne

You're supposed to use this every other day as an exfoliator. It works deep into the pores to pull the spots and grime out of your pores and stop further spots. I do tend to forget but every now and then I like to use this, you really can see how clear your pores are straight afterwards, it's incredible!! Especially if you have a magnifying mirror, you can see the pores open and empty from the blackheads disappearing, it's freaky but good! 

And the cheapest of the bunch... Black soap!

Black soap, Skincare, skin secrets, skin, spots, acne

This little beauty is under £3... yes you heard me right. This has lasted me SOooo long and is incredible. If you're going to buy anything for your spotty skin this is the only thing! Really! It does dry your skin out (not to the flakey point but it feels dry) but ride it through. It does feel odd but you can go ahead and moisturise.

When I get a new spot I use this a few times a day and the following day the spot's gone or reduced so much you can hardly see it anyway.

Do you use/love any of the above? Or have go to skin heroes?


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