Thursday, 19 April 2018

How to survive exam season

Exam season is here! Yesss the season all us students dread. BUT with the right method we'll make it through juust fine. Here's some tips and tricks that are getting me through. (Sharing is caring)

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Make a plan
If like me you have more than one topic it can all feel a little overwhelming having 5/6 topics I was getting in a muddle trying to revise all of them and neglecting some topics or spending too many days on the other. So set a plan each day what you'll read over, revise and then answer practise questions on.

I thought I was organised... but not enough. I had two folders with dividers for the topics but decided I just needed a fresh folder for each subject, so I'm not overwhelmed by all the paperwork inside which was getting a little messy. I feel SO much better I've added all my notebook notes to the files per topic so I just need to grab the topic folder for the day and I have everything I could possibly need.

Past papers 
Are your best friends! I'd go as far as saying 90% of my revision is based on past papers and it's helped me so much. My tactic is...
Paper 1 - look at the answers and my notes to guide me in the right direction.
Paper 2 - No answers, but with books (if needed - but when a book is used I'll write in another colour so I can see where I need to read/learn more on)
Paper 3 - Nothing and timed. (Phones in aeroplane mode!)
You should start to notice a pattern in most of the questions, which saves me so much time and I feel more prepared for the exams now.

Cut yourself a break
It's okay to not spend 5 hours studying. I've bumped into so many students studying for hours and not any further than me. The trick is to use your time wisely, I could spend hours and hours reading (like them) or I could look at past papers using my technique above and be ready to answer any similar question because I've practised the actual questions so much I know what I'm doing.

I'm not talking for days but do your questions for the day, then give yourself a break. If your feeling inspired then do some more later. It's okay to take a break. (We all get that study break guilt)

It's so easy to say not to stress but really it'll do you no good. Revise smartly and get yourself ready, practise, practise, practise and remind yourself you can do this.

Do you find anything particularly helpful getting ready for the exams? Share your tips and techniques!


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