About me

Why Cute Pandaa? 

When I was living at home at the end of my long, long days, my family would always call me panda for my panda eyes. This eventually became a running joke... Albeit at my expense.

When it came to starting up my blogging journey it immediately sprung to mind and I just thought perfect - I can hunt down panda-(eye)free products. Who's laughing now?!

Who am I?

From a young age I always had big goals and knew what I wanted. I've been able to achieve a few already. All the women who independent throw your hands up at me! Although, I still have a way to go, I enjoy working hard for the things I want. Now at 23, living in Cardiff, trying to enjoy life, I'm still reaching for the stars.

I'm slightly addicted to shopping and the gym. I may not be an expert but I'm giving it a go. I'm open to help (please help me!) any advice or tips, pop me an email or follow my journey if you're a little clueless as well. I'm not as healthy as they come, I still slip and definitely enjoy a nice trip to the golden M (McDonald's), but one day at a time!

A few facts about me, I'm very good at saving money - I love a bargain. I love steaks, but at the same time, I'm a very fussy eater. I always seem to have cold hands and feet - you'll always find me in a pair of fluffy socks. I like to have everything in perfect condition, literally everything, pristine condition.

Trust me, it's not all hunky dorey and plain sailing, I still have my ups and downs through my highs and my lows but together we can make it through! Between my family, my amigos and blogging I can conquer the world... just kidding (well my world).

Join the highs and the lows here.

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